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If your Custom Challenge Coins are meant primarily for display purposes, then this option is perfect for you! If you want the same design to appear on both sides of your coin, this is an ideal choice too. This is also a great option if you plan to present your coin to the recipient in a display case. If they take the coin out of the case they will enjoy a beautifully crafted challenge coin, and can choose to display the colored or the plain side, so it really is the best of both worlds!

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Color on One Side

Size 100 300 500 1000+
1.5″ Coin $3.82 $3.60 $3.54 $3.15
1.75″ Coin $4.23 $4.13 $4.03 $3.60
2″ Coin $4.65 $4.64 $4.54 $4.05
Mold Fees: 1.5" -$100, 1.75" - $125,2" - $150

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Coin Pricing Options

Coins Design Price
Clear Coat Epoxy $ 0.30 Per Side
Antiquity $ 0.40 for Two Sides
Sequential Numbering $ 0.35 Each
Duo Tone Metal $ 0.90 Per Side
Glitter $ 0.12
3D Mold Quote Upon Request
Glow in the Dark $ 0.20
Cut Outs $ 50.00 Each
Velvet Bag $ 0.60 Each
Acrylic Coin Capsule $ 1.00 Each

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Free Priority Air Shipping

Free PMS Color Matching

Free Mold Creation (300pcs+)

100% Quality Guarantee

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There are many different design options available to you for your Custom Challenge Coin order! A clear epoxy coat applied to both sides of each coin is our most popular options. This is ideal for coins with a colored acrylic design. The epoxy creates a protective layer to keep your coins looking vibrant and new for many, many years! Antiquity is a great option, often used when creating die-struck coins. This creates a classic textured look to the coins while perfectly accentuating your design. Two-tone metal is another option to be considered when you want your design to stand out without the use of any color. We can also add glow-in-the-dark and glitter acrylic to your design to add the look of dimension and depth, not to mention both options are very visually appealing! There are also several finishing options for you to choose from to perfectly compliment your design! Don’t forget to choose a great border to compliment your coins! We have several attractive options to make your coin order even more unique.

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